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Property managers have always needed to build strong connections with residents. A lot of the business of managing residents and successfully signing leases comes down to trust. While gaining trust can still be considered an instinctive and personal experience, there is something to be said for how strategies have changed over recent years.

Over the past decade, technology has changed the ways relationships are handled, and this change extends to how property managers can build and strengthen relationships with residents.

Today, more and more residents are looking for property managers willing to work with them virtually for much of the process. It’s then up to property managers to find ways to offer potential residents services that allow them to gain the information they need to make a decision. It’s also part of the job to find ways to strengthen conenctions with residents when so much of the experience is handled digitally.

How are property managers tackling this?

Quick Responses Are More Important Than Ever

Social media has picked up the pace in terms of messaging. It is common for potential residents to be looking at multiple properties at once and to message every property they are interested in at the same time. To stay competitive, the most successful property managers are responding in as few as five minutes.

Offer Virtual Property Tours

Every property manager finds different ways to handle virtual tours. While one option is to record a video of the property once and then send it to anyone interested, you can also do personalized tours. This will take more time. However, it gives you the advantage of being able to personally point out features of the property most important to the potential resident. Offering them your time in this way can help strengthen your relationship and make your property stand out amongst the crowd.

Post Regularly To Social Media

Social media counts as social proof for many people today. By posting regularly to your social media account with branded updates, a potential resident can see that the property is cared for and still being actively maintained. This is another way for a property manager to stand out over the competition who may be letting their social media slide.

Keep in mind that any social media account you open will have a messaging feature. A potential resident will expect to be able to reach you there. Have notifications set up so you can reply in a timely manner.

Whether in person or online, building strong connections with residents requires timely communications, a strong brand, and personalized attention to a resident’s needs.